Andrea Dee

Andrea Dee is an East London music composer, artist and influencer, and a regular guest at Andaz London.

Andrea feels most able to express herself through music and singing, as well as travel, having lived in four different countries. In her music, she inspires her listeners to be who they are and not follow the crowd, something that she has had to learn how to do herself. Andrea has overcome many milestones in her life by accepting who she is.

While London is not where she was brought up, Andrea describes East London as the place where she feels most at home. Thanks to the diverse aspect of the area, Andrea feels like she belongs in this part of London, and can relate to the creative culture.
‘Stylish’, ‘Welcoming’ and ‘Community’ are the words that Andrea uses to describe Andaz London. In her eyes, the Andaz brand represents a “big community” where no one is left out. On a personal level, Andrea believes that being part of a community allows her to experience a sense of belonging and “grow as a human being”, being surrounded by “people that can elevate you”. Without a community,

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