Debbie Huggins

PA to the General Manager

Debbie is the PA to the General Manager at Andaz London. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, spending time with her family and going to the theatre. To Debbie, #BeWhoYouAre means feeling relaxed and treating people with sincerity, which also plays a vital role in her job at the hotel.

When asked when she feels the most comfortable, Debbie expresses – with family, and working at Andaz London. She highlights the importance of being herself at work, as this gives her the ability to provide better and more natural, unscripted customer service. Debbie believes that Andaz London is different as it evokes a ‘barrier-free environment’.

Having arrived in the area when she was 16, Debbie has seen East London evolve over the last 20 years, and describes it as “totally different”. She loves how the neighbourhood has transitioned to vibrant culture with “lovely art, places to eat and exciting things to do”. She describes the area as “stimulating”.

What Debbie loves most about Andaz London is its evolution over the years, being the first of many Andaz hotels around the world. She admires how the Andaz brand adapts to the areas in which it’s located; for example, the historic site of Andaz London has brought in modern East London culture without erasing the authenticity of old buildings.

Three words Debbie uses to describe the Andaz brand are, ‘Barrier-free’, ‘Relaxed’ and ‘Cultural’. All of these aspects make guests feel welcome from all parts of the world.

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