Kevin Zanes

Andaz London Hotel Guest

Meet Kevin Zanes, a Senior Director of Advanced Analytics within the Pharmaceutical industry. Outside of crunching numbers and raising his children alongside his wife, he is a regular guest at Andaz hotels around the world. Kevin is most comfortable being himself when he is swimming or travelling.

Growing up, he used to be a competitive athlete and finds that this allows him to clear his head of all the noise going on around the world, and remain in the present moment. Although the cold winter months are where it becomes a challenge to do this. Aside from spending quality time with his family, he is also an avid traveller. He expresses “home is when I am on the road, experiencing something new or immersing myself in new cultures to learn about them.” This was heavily influenced by living in over 11 countries over the course of his life where Kevin has gained a different perspective on people and the world.

The #BeWhoYouAre campaign encourages people to confidently be themselves beyond the walls of the Andaz London hotel. Kevin happily participates in the campaign as he advocates for people to dance like no one is watching, which is something his company emphasises at work. He mentions that being who you are is when you can be authentic with yourself, your friends and your family – but more importantly, in any environment you encounter. One of his greatest champions is his wife, who not only reminds him of who he truly is but encourages him to be in situations that bring Kevin back to himself and get him out of any ‘funk’ he might be in.

Kevin Zanes, loves to travel and when staying at any place other than home he looks for a welcoming environment. He looks for a place that treats everyone with respect the moment they enter the property. A welcoming environment eases his mind from the moment he steps foot in the lobby. He feels at peace and knows that he is going to have a great experience even if things do not go perfectly – which is the mindset a hospitable environment creates and hopefully sustains throughout the stay.

He has always been impressed with the Andaz brand. No matter what type of traveller you are – whether it is for business or pleasure, a solo, couples or family trip, Andaz has something for everyone. He describes the Andaz brand as unique, local and inviting having experienced 5 or 6 of the Andaz hotels across the world. They are able to curate an experience that blends the different environments better than any hotel chain or brand he has experienced. Whenever he travels to a city and sees an Andaz hotel, the decision for where he is staying has been made.

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