Saakshi Verma

Saakshi is the Marketing Communications Manager at Andaz London. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, especially in her safe space, at home. She also feels most in her element when she is travelling to different destinations across the world.

For Saakshi, #BeWhoYouAre provides a reminder to stand for your own principles and values: “It is all about not getting into the pressure of society and just expressing yourself as you want”. She emphasises that it is important to be part of a brand that inspires her to embrace her personality, and she loves every bit of it. Having joined the Andaz London team only this year, this is Saakshi’s first time working for a brand where she feels completely free to express her personal style without thinking about hierarchy and boundaries.

On a day-to-day basis, Saakshi is inspired by the two most important people in her life, her mother and partner. Growing up in India, Saakshi’s mother was the guiding force that pushed her to study hard and become the person she is today: “I owe everything of who I am to my mum”.

Saakshi is passionate about the vibrant buzz of East London, as “there is never a dull moment in this part of the City”. The three words she uses to describe Andaz London are ‘Inspiring’, ‘Immersive’ and ‘Unscripted’. What she loves most about the hotel is the freedom of expression for everyone.

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